Hindu Kush Regular

This variety of pure Indica comes directly from the mountainous massif from which it has been named. The Hindu Kush is the extreme west of the Himalayas, which covers half of Afghanistan and extends over the borders of Pakistan and India, reaching as far as China. This beautiful and desolate region forms a major trade route between […]

AK-47 Regular

Easy to grow, of medium height, it produces good yields in a short time.Smell to be taken into account, when growing with close neighbors. Its quality without compromise, makes it suitable for professional crops or for personal use.This plant has a short flowering period for a sativa, it produces compact flowers, without many leaves that […]

Critical Mass Regular

An excellent reworked version of the old variety known as Big Bud. A must for the grower demanding a high yield with equally high seed. It is the heaviest plant in production for commercial farmers and outdoor crops. Price: 10 seeds – 48.50$ Due to its heavy floral construction it can be susceptible to mold if the […]

Sweet Trainwreck Auto

Tall autoflowering variety. 4th generation autoflowering. Hybrid resulting from the cross between several selected strains of tall tall 3rd generation autoflowering plants, and an elite clone of Trainwreck that is very famous and used in medical cannabis dispensaries in the USA. Price: 10 seeds – 73.50$ The result is a genetics of tall stature and branching typical […]

Green Poison Auto

3rd generation autoflowering. Result of hybridization between a selected strain of our SWS20 (Big Devil # 2 Auto®) and an elite clone of the SWS14 variety (Green Poison®). To fix the aroma and flavor of Green Poison®, the resulting hybrid has been backcrossed twice with the original Green Poison® clone. Price: 10 seeds – 73.50$ Its aroma […]