Bubblelicious Strain – Cannabis Growing Secrets

When it comes to the scent of a cannabis plant, the Bubblelicious strain is the one to go for. The aroma will have you smelling strawberry tarts, bubblegum, and fresh flowers. It will also flower with a purple and pink hue. And the extracts will be top shelf. These three strains are a perfect blend […]

Cannabis Growing Secrets – The California Skunk Strain

The California Skunk strain is one of the most sought-after weeds by discerning weed growers. This strain is very easy to grow, both indoors and outdoors, and can be cultivated very easily with proper care. This plant is known for its heavy fibers, which are orange in color. If you are new to cannabis growing, […]

Strawberry Diesel – Cannabis Growing Secrets

If you’ve been looking for a new strain to grow, consider the strawberry diesel. This sativa-dominant hybrid has a diesel-like smell and taste, and an above-average THC content. Read on to learn more about this weed strain and what you need to know to grow it indoors. You might even be able to get a […]

White Queen Strain – Cannabis Growing Secrets

If you’re thinking of growing the White Queen strain, you’re in luck. The plant’s phenotype is a cross between an indica and sativa strain. When grown properly, the result is a marijuana plant that is equally potent in both. This strain is especially suitable for people suffering from conditions such as ADD/ADHD, PTSD, and insomnia. […]

Critical Kush – Cannabis Growing Secrets

When it comes to growing your own marijuana, you have probably seen the famous Critical Kush strain. This strain is a textbook example of an indica plant. Its perfect traits, like the short flowering period and high CBD content, have made it a household name. Learn how to grow this strain from the pros in […]