Sour Diesel Strain – Cannabis Growing Secrets

When growing the Sour Diesel strain of cannabis, you need to follow a couple of important steps. First of all, you must determine where the plant will grow. You can grow it outdoors or indoors, and under a grow light. Then, decide what kind of grow light you want to use. In this article, I […]

Alien Rock Candy – Cannabis Growing Secrets

When it comes to creating a high-quality marijuana plant, you should look for some strains that can deliver the desired effects. For example, Alien Rock Candy has been known to give users a physical body high as well as a strong mental high. Users of this strain may experience mood swings, euphoria, and sedation. They […]

Tangie Strain – Cannabis Growing Secrets

If you are looking for tips on how to grow the Tangie Strain, read on. This sativa-dominant hybrid is great for boosting energy, but you must know that this strain can also produce symptoms such as red eyes and paranoia. For these reasons, we recommend you seek advice from an experienced grower. You can also […]

Super Lemon Haze Strain – Cannabis Growing Secrets

If you’re interested in starting a cannabis gardening hobby, you may be wondering if the Super Lemon Haze strain is right for you. This citrus-dominant hybrid is suited to tropical, subtropical and equatorial climates. If you want to try growing a strain like SLH, it’s best to grow it indoors. You can purchase seeds from […]

The Alien OG Strain – Cannabis Growing Secrets

When you look at the Alien OG Strain, it is difficult not to imagine something alien. The mystical, ethereal flower might even resemble an alien nest egg. It has a strange look, reminiscent of the exotic purple flower from the film Avatar. With its dazzling colors and paradoxical spirals, this strain looks as if it […]