Nova OG Strain – Cannabis Growing Secrets

If you’ve been on the fence about trying this marijuana strain, keep reading. We’ll go over flowering time, Phytochemistry, Terpene profile, and Health benefits. Plus, we’ll go over how to grow this strain. Here are some tips to get you started. And if you’re looking for a new strain, consider trying out Nova. It might […]

Tropicana Cookies Strain – Cannabis Growing Secrets Review

The Tropicana Cookies strain is a high-sativa, citrus-scented hybrid with GSC parents. They’re an excellent choice for resin extractions, and their fruity aroma is reminiscent of a frozen smoothie. Its purple feminized seeds are particularly good for resin extractions. This cannabis strain is a great choice for those who are looking to grow the highest-quality […]

The Larry OG Strain – Cannabis Growing Secrets

Have you heard of the OG strain of cannabis? This indica dominant hybrid produces a potent body high and an uplifting mental experience. Its pine-scented bud will send you into a trance, leaving you in a state of pure contentment. Here’s what you should know about Larry OG. Read on to learn more about this […]

Blue Mystic Strain – Cannabis Growing Secrets

The Blue Mystic has an Indica lineage and is the result of breeding between two world-famous parents. Its frosty trichomes and beautiful blue hues make for a gorgeous plant with a well-rounded effect. Despite its high-quality genetics, growing Blue Mystic is not hard – but there are some secrets to its success. Here are a […]

Why Grow the Platinum Bubba Feminized Strain?

There are many reasons why you should grow the Platinum Bubba Feminized strain. Not only is this herb popular for recreational use, it is also an excellent medical choice. It can relieve a number of ailments. Read on to learn more about growing this Indica-dominant strain. It is also easy to grow and has a […]