Cannabis Growing Secrets – The Ice Strain

The Ice strain is a marijuana plant that promises a higher THC content than its male counterpart. Most feminized seeds turn into male plants when stressed, so this strain promises to stay a female plant no matter what. If you haven’t heard of it yet, this strain will certainly get your attention! It’s even better […]

Cannabis Growing Secrets – Top Five Secrets of Growing the Swiss Cheese Strain

If you’re looking for a fast-flowering cannabis strain with a rock-hard bud structure and fruity or pungent terpenes, you may want to try the Swiss Cheese cannabis strain. It’s a great choice for daytime use, social situations, and low tolerance. Growing this strain is easy and requires little maintenance, except for checking the carbon filters […]

Skunk Special Strain – Cannabis Growing Secrets

In this article, we’re going to talk about the unique characteristics of the Skunk marijuana strain, a cross between two Sativa landraces – Colombian Gold and Acapulco Gold – and an Afghani Indica purebred. This strain is known to produce buds with THC levels ranging from 12 to 15%. Growing it in soil medium, you […]

Psychosis Strain – Cannabis Growing Secrets

Are you curious about the effects of cannabis’ THC? Learn about the psychedelic properties of the psychosis strain in this article. Discover how to grow this cannabis strain indoors or outdoors, and discover the psychedelic characteristics of Skunk, Deep Purple, and many other popular weed strains. After reading this article, you’ll be an expert at […]