Exactly How To Generate Income With Popular Auto Flower Cannabis Seeds

To Check out more about the Low strain training approaches go here!.?.!! Seed germination & planting Autoflowers life starts with a seed and that implies you need to effectively germinate them to get an excellent germination rates and not to squander any money on seeds that simply does not sprout. Cannabis seeds can be germinated […]

Sweet Trainwreck Auto

Tall autoflowering variety. 4th generation autoflowering. Hybrid resulting from the cross between several selected strains of tall tall 3rd generation autoflowering plants, and an elite clone of Trainwreck that is very famous and used in medical cannabis dispensaries in the USA. Price: 10 seeds – 73.50$ The result is a genetics of tall stature and branching typical […]

Green Poison Auto

3rd generation autoflowering. Result of hybridization between a selected strain of our SWS20 (Big Devil # 2 Auto®) and an elite clone of the SWS14 variety (Green Poison®). To fix the aroma and flavor of Green Poison®, the resulting hybrid has been backcrossed twice with the original Green Poison® clone. Price: 10 seeds – 73.50$ Its aroma […]

Black Jack Auto

Superior quality automatic, with dense buds and great resin production, intense sweet and incense aroma, fast flowering, strong effect and great hybrid vigor. Data sheet  Variety SWS21100% autoflowering Production Indoor: 400-550 g / m2 Outdoor Production: 40-250 g / plant Harvest Indoor / Outdoor: 9 weeks from germination Height: 40-110 cm Price: 10 seeds – […]

Ice Cool Auto

4th generation autoflowering variety. Hybrid resulting from the cross between an elite clone of the variety SWS06 (Ice Cool®) and a selected 3rd generation autoflowering strain of SWS23 (Fast Bud # 2 Auto®).  Autoflowering variety with an intense and exotic aroma characteristic of the Diesel family, very sweet and spicy, with fresh tones reminiscent of blue […]