Hindu Kush Regular

This variety of pure Indica comes directly from the mountainous massif from which it has been named. The Hindu Kush is the extreme west of the Himalayas, which covers half of Afghanistan and extends over the borders of Pakistan and India, reaching as far as China. This beautiful and desolate region forms a major trade route between the Middle East, Central Asia and the Far East, and is where the ancient cannabis traditions of the surrounding cultures met and melted over hundreds of years. Simply put, Hindu Kush is the absolute center of the world when we consider true Indica or Afghan genotypes and the different forms of black hash that are made there. 

Price: 10 seeds – 37.50$

This crop has been selected for quality and stability for countless generations, always crossed within its own genetic background. Hindu Kush produces very consistent cuttings and is an excellent variety for indoor growing, direct from seed. Plants are dark green, short and powerful, with serrated Indica leaves. In warmer climates, below 42º N, Hindu Kush can flourish outdoors.  Flowering is strong and confident, with quick yields of robust Afghani buds, even in the hands of a novice grower. Hindu Kush has a subtle sandalwood fragrance tinged with the sweet scent of fresh charas. Potency is remarkably high for a non-hybrid strain, with the mature and positive body vibrancy of the famous tall grown Indicas. Hindu Kush also produces a calm, contemplative state of mind, rather than the heavy highs of later Indica, Afghan and Skunk hybrids.  

Data sheet  

  • Sunny / Mediterranean 
  • Compact plant 
  • Flowering 45 – 50 days 
  • Performance Average performance 100% Indica
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