Mellow Out at Merritt’s Funnest Emporium

Ever woke up in Houghton Lake, MI, or somewhere between Roscommon and Richfield Township with the thought, “Where, oh where, is there a dispensary near me?” Relax, we’ve got you covered! At Pleasantrees – Houghton Lake, we’re pretty certain we can beat your wake’n’bake pancakes.

Our cannabis emporium is not just a haven for seasoned marijuana enthusiasts. Newbs welcome! We’re located just a leaf’s throw from Merritt, MI. That’s right folks, no more painstaking road trips to far-off lands to find that perfect strain of cannabis near you!

Our marijuana dispensary is packing more varieties than the snack aisle at your grocery store. Savory, sweet, tangy – you name it, we claim it! And we never forsake quality. Nope, our buds surely are the blooming best!

So next time you find yourself gazing into the abyss of your empty stash box in despair, remember us. We’re just a chill drive away, ready to rescue one Merritt, Houghton Lake, Roscommon Township, or Richfield Township dweller at a time. Can’t wait to meet ya at Pleasantrees!

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