Sweet Trainwreck Auto

Tall autoflowering variety. 4th generation autoflowering. Hybrid resulting from the cross between several selected strains of tall tall 3rd generation autoflowering plants, and an elite clone of Trainwreck that is very famous and used in medical cannabis dispensaries in the USA.

Price: 10 seeds – 73.50$

The result is a genetics of tall stature and branching typical of autoflowering with predominantly sativa genetics, and with a rapid flowering, production of compact buds, high production of trichomes and an intense sweet and fruity aroma with citrus tones characteristic of mainly indica plants. A very balanced automatic flowering genetics that bring together desirable indica and sativa traits. 

Data sheet 

  • Variety SWS47100% autoflowering
  • Production Indoor: 350-550 g / m2
  • Outdoor Production: 40-120 g / plant
  • Indoor / Outdoor Harvest: 8 weeks from germination
  • Height: 60-120 cm 

Awards 2nd Prize – Exterior – CANNABIS CHAMPIONS CUP – Spannabis Málaga – 2015

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