The Alien OG Strain – Cannabis Growing Secrets

The Alien OG Strain - Cannabis Growing Secrets

When you look at the Alien OG Strain, it is difficult not to imagine something alien. The mystical, ethereal flower might even resemble an alien nest egg. It has a strange look, reminiscent of the exotic purple flower from the film Avatar. With its dazzling colors and paradoxical spirals, this strain looks as if it came from another planet.

Root system

The Alien OG strain is a hybrid cannabis plant created by the Cali Connection. This strain can be moderately difficult to grow and may require some help. To get the best yields, grow this strain indoors. For best results, grow it in a controlled environment indoors at a temperature of 20 to 26 degrees Celsius. During the first few weeks, you may need to trim off some of the large fan leaves. Also, make sure to place them at lower nodes in order to allow light to reach the lower parts.

The Alien OG strain has a 9-week flowering period indoors. It will need double the nutrients in the flowering stage. Double the amount of secondary nutrients is recommended until the last two weeks of harvest. This strain is recommended for advanced growers because of its high THC content. Although it requires more nutrients during the vegetative stage, it can be grown indoors in conditions that allow it to flower and produce a healthy crop.

The Alien OG strain has a pungent smell, similar to fresh pine trees. Its aroma changes as it burns and lingers on the palate. It has a smooth, mildly pungent smoke. The flavor is earthy with hints of pine. On the exhale, it leaves behind a natural woody flavor. If you’re looking for a sativa-type strain, Alien OG is one to try.

Nutrient intake

While the effects of Alien OG are incomparable, it has many other benefits. This strain has an uplifting effect and can alleviate symptoms such as depression, chronic pain, and anxiety. It also helps people with many conditions and is known for its ability to relieve insomnia and anxiety. Although it can be a bit potent, it is not harmful to a human being when used responsibly. However, there are some side effects, such as dry mouth and eyes. Additionally, it is recommended that you monitor your plants’ nutritional needs and reduce the amount of nutrients they need.

Feeding your Alien OG plant is an important aspect of growing marijuana successfully. Its high THC content makes it an excellent choice for those who want to grow a high-yield plant. Alien OG is best grown indoors in a humid environment to avoid mold and rot. The plant grows rapidly, requiring a 50 percent humidity indoors. In addition to this, it is resistant to standard molds and diseases.

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Because Alien OG has trouble developing a proper root system, it needs a lot of nutrients to grow. You will need rockwool for your Alien OG plant to develop a strong root system. Taking care of these factors will greatly improve the plant’s health and yield. A single square meter of grown marijuana will usually fetch $2,000 to $3,000.

Humidity level

The Alien OG strain is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. It yields well in either environment. For best results, cultivate this strain indoors or outdoors in a climate between 68 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity control is essential to the success of this strain, as high humidity can result in mold growth and weak buds. The humidity level must remain at a moderate level of 50 to 60 percent during the entire growing process.

This marijuana strain is highly potent, with a high THC content of approximately twenty to twenty-five percent. This is among the highest potency strains available in the market today. The cannabis world is now working on creating stronger strains to increase their potency, but for now, the Alien OG is one of the strongest strains. However, its high can cause adverse effects for some users.

The flowering phase of the Alien OG strain takes approximately eight to nine weeks. The plant will be ready for harvest when its leaves curl back and there is a solid bud beneath. During the first few days of flowering, the trichomes of this strain are clear and lack potency. However, once they turn milky white, Alien OG flowers have the highest THC and CBD content.


If you are looking for a plant that will make you feel good and is packed with potent aromas, you should consider the Alien OG strain. This plant is easy to grow and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing. It thrives best in a moderately humid environment with high levels of sunlight. The temperature should be between 68 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are growing indoors, make sure that you use a carbon filtration system to ensure that your buds don’t get too moist.

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The Alien OG strain has an aroma that is both earthy and sweet. It reminds of fresh pine trees. The flavor is pungent and woody with a sweet, spicy aftertaste. The smoke from Alien OG will leave you relaxed and focused. The aroma is so potent that it will knock you out for a while! If you’re looking for a high-quality indica plant, try growing it indoors.

Although the Alien OG strain is an indica-leaning hybrid, it’s not particularly potent. It can induce couch lock and can make you question life’s meaning. To make sure that you don’t get couch lock, start off low and go slow. You can always go back for more if you feel like it. If you’re new to growing cannabis, make sure to do some research before attempting it.

Side effects

The Alien OG strain is a good choice for those who are looking for a potent high. This cannabis strain is indica dominant, meaning that the effects are similar to those of an indica. You can grow this plant from seeds, but it is best to follow some basic growing guidelines. The Alien OG flowering period is around seven to nine weeks. Harvest time is usually around mid-October, before bad weather sets in. This marijuana plant will produce around ten to eleven ounces per square meter of growing space indoors, and 13 to 14 ounces per plant when grown outdoors. The Alien OG looks very similar to an indica plant and requires proper curing to retain its therapeutic effects and THC content.

People with a high tolerance to THC may prefer a less potent strain. Although Alien OG is touted as a good anxiety treatment, its intense high may lead to feelings of paranoia and anxiety. It is recommended for patients with a high tolerance to THC. Alien OG is becoming available in both the recreational and medicinal market. Many reputable vendors are selling this strain in their state.

Growing indoors

The Alien OG strain grows fast indoors, so growers should start planning ahead to prevent weed diseases. Alien OG seeds are compact, so you don’t need a lot of space to cultivate them. However, it’s imperative that you keep the humidity levels within the right range, 50 to 60 percent in the vegetative stage and 45 to 55 percent during the flowering stage. This way, you can avoid excessive moisture buildup in the buds and mold development, which is detrimental to your entire crop.

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While Alien OG is best grown indoors, it can also be grown outdoors. Growing this strain requires careful attention to its roots. Growing this strain requires the proper growing medium and genetic quality. The Alien OG strain can be grown from seeds or from cuttings. Once you’ve started your plants, make sure they have enough room to grow. If you don’t have a lot of space, use a grow tent to support the plants and keep them well-ventilated.

This strain has a distinct aroma and flavor. Its buds are compact and popcorn-like clusters. Its foliage has a light green color, while its leaves are slightly more flexible. The pistils of Alien OG are orange or red, which helps female plants catch pollen. The buds have a sweet and spicy flavor with hints of earthy and fresh pine. Regardless of where you decide to grow this strain, it will grow well indoors and will produce high-quality cannabis.


The Alien OG Strain is an extremely popular marijuana strain. While it is not an easy strain to grow, it has been known to produce near-half-kilo harvests indoors. Alien OG males are beautiful examples of the Y chromosome in cannabis, and the pollen is highly potent. It’s also easy to feminize, which makes it perfect for outdoor growing. The buds can be cured and grown for cosmic results.

When growing the Alien OG Strain outdoors, it’s best to flush it about two weeks before harvest. Flushing should take place during the vegetative stage of the plant, and untreated tap water is fine for this process. Ensure the pH level of the water is between 6.5 and 7.0. Pour as much water as the soil can hold and then let it drain for a few minutes. After draining, check to see if the water has turned white or is still clear. If it doesn’t, flush the plant again.

The Alien OG strain produces thirteen ounces of cannabis per plant when grown outdoors, compared to eleven ounces per square meter when grown indoors. Growing weed outdoors is not a practical option for most growers, and it’s illegal in some states. However, for regular users, it’s likely to be more cost-effective than cultivating marijuana indoors. In Oregon, an ounce of reasonably-quality Alien OG costs around $180. In contrast, a square meter of marijuana grown indoors can be worth more than two thousand dollars.

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