Uncover High-Quality Medical Marijuana at SOAR Dispensary

Welcome to SOAR Dispensary, where we strive to elevate and enhance the well-being of our esteemed customers from Hattiesburg and its surroundings areas including West Hattiesburg, Oak Grove, Petal, Glendale, and Rawls Springs. Mississipians in search of “marijuana near me”, here lies your solution! Our goal is to promote awareness and knowledge of the holistic benefits of Medical Marijuana.

SOAR Dispensary prides itself on providing an array of high-quality prescription medical marijuana varieties in a safe, controlled, and professional environment. Our staff persistently aims for excellence and takes great pride in providing compassionate guidance with unparalleled expertise for every individual’s needs.

We understand that the world of medical cannabis can appear overwhelming, which is why we are here to help guide you through the process. We believe in the incremental and responsible use of this natural medicine as an option for those living with chronic health conditions. Visit us at the SOAR Dispensary in Hattiesburg, your trusted medical marijuana provider, and let us help you soar towards optimal wellness.

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